Need for Membership

Volunteers are a key part of our mission, but retaining volunteers is not easy. While there were 62.6 million volunteers in 2015 (source), more than one-third of those people won’t donate their time the next year – at any nonprofit. This adds up to an estimated $38 billion in lost labor nationwide (source).

Volunteer satisfaction is an important part of volunteer retention and we know that one of the most common complaints is not enough training. Literacy volunteers are especially susceptible to this; just because someone knows how to read and write doesn’t mean they are ready to teach others to read and write.

Our membership offerings allow us to support college volunteers, particularly those engaged in literacy tutoring. We provide students and organizations who manage college volunteers with training around:

  • Evidence-based literacy tutoring methods
  • Volunteer management and event planning
  • Fundraising and student group sustainability
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership

What does it mean to be a SCALE member?

SCALE members are a coalition of campus and community leaders who are working to improve literacy. Members can share ideas, get advice, promote their work, and gain invaluable support for this critical, challenging, work.

  • Monthly resource newsletter: with info about upcoming events and grant opportunities, news and research updates about issues that matter, and great ideas to improve your tutoring program.
  • Customized web-based training: Need to do a start-up training but don’t feel qualified? Noticing that your volunteers need help with something really specific, we’ll create a training just for you, tailored to the needs and schedule of your volunteers! ($200 value)
  • Unlimited FREE access to SCALE webinars: View current offerings here (Value up to $25 per training)
  • Free Registration for the Read.Write.Act Virtual Conference: for all students and AmeriCorps members and deep discounts for staff and other volunteers. (Value up to $150)
  • Discounts on Read! T-shirts: and other literacy advocacy gear
  • Mini grants: Priority for all SCALE grant competitions and other program and funding resources
  • Access to SCALE’s extensive lending library and resources: Items can be borrowed by mail or copies of chapters can be requested by email. Including best practices for tutoring, volunteer and program management, program evaluation, and updates about opportunities and grants.

Member Contribution

Basic membership: $25

Includes monthly newsletter, access to all SCALE webinars and access to all online resources. Basic membership does not include all of the benefits listed on the benefits tab. For example, basic membership does not include free registration for the Read.Write.Act. Virtual Conference or customized web-based training.

Full membership sliding scale: $50-$500

Includes all of the benefits listed above.

Please use the following as a guide when determining how much you should pay for membership.  However, do not let these amounts deter you from membership if they are not reasonable for your organization.  We are happy to discuss alternative rates on a case by case basis.

$50 – Organization is all volunteer operation and have no operating budget.
$150 – Organization has at least one part-time staff person but have a bare-bones budget.
$250 – Organization has at least one full time staff person and a bare-bones budget
$350 – Organization has at least one full time staff person and a small training/professional development budget.
$500 – Organization has at least two full time staff members and funding to support training and professional development
Organizations that are fully student run may request a full scholarship.

Other information

  • Membership is designed specifically to fit the needs of campus and community-based programs that work with college student volunteers to engage in literacy tutoring and other literacy related activities. It can also be beneficial for non-profit organizations who manage volunteer tutors and for AmeriCorps programs that focus on literacy and education.  Not sure if its a good fit for your program?  Email us at the address below.
  • All memberships are valid for one year from date of payment.
  • Benefits are available to all staff, volunteers and participants of the member organization.
  • Member Organization must designate a lead contact who will receive access codes and serve as the primary contact with SCALE.

Still have questions? Email the SCALE staff at