Empowering Communities through Literacy
Literacy can serve as a powerful tool for communities by providing a means for participating in advocacy and civic engagement.  The Read.Write.Act 2017 Virtual conference will focus on this connection.  We are excited for this year’s presentations that provide models of of civic and community engagement through literacy-especially those that focus on social justice.  We will also have presentations that provide specific teaching techniques based on best practices for community-based literacy groups and organizations that use learner centered and participatory approaches.  The presentations are not limited to the topics of reading and writing but  include other forms of literacy (e.g. digital literacy, math literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, etc.).
Each year, SCALE hosts the Read.Write.Act. (RWA) Virtual Conference, which connects college students at campus based literacy groups, program administrators, higher education faculty, and non-profit professionals from around the country with content specialists, community-based literacy organizations and other leaders in literacy who are committed to creating a more just society by engaging young people in literacy education. The Read.Write.Act. Conference recently completed its 23rd year! While originally the conference took place in Chapel Hill, NC, it has since become virtual to be able to better include literacy advocates, like you, across the country and the globe. Our 9th year of the virtual conference took place November 4-5, 2016.