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Read. Write. Act. Virtual Conference 2018 - Presentation Proposal

Priority deadline is August 30, 2018. Please complete the form below to submit your presentation proposal. Prior to submission, print/save a copy for your records. The Read.Write.Act. 2018 Virtual Conference theme will be ‘Literacy Without Limits’ and will focus on novel and innovative approaches to literacy education. We are interested in programs and research that demonstrate the expansiveness of literacy education and how it intersects with a variety of other academic disciplines. Additionally, we are seeking proposals that provide specific teaching techniques focusing on the real-world applications of literacy skills. As always, we are interested in individuals and organizations that focus on education equity, learner-centered design, and participatory approaches. Proposals are not limited to the topics of reading and writing but may be expanded to include other forms of literacy (e.g. digital literacy, math literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, information literacy etc.).
  • Please be sure that your e-mail address is typed correctly
  • We will use this number to contact you in case of issues during web conferencing - please make sure to include a number by which you will be accessible.
  • Example: Program Director, Student, Tutor, etc
  • Please provide the name of your affiliated organization/campus
  • Include name(s), e-mail, and phone number
  • Example: @readwriteact
  • example: Scale UNC
  • Please limit to 150 words per presenter
  • What would you like for the audience to take away?
  • Relate presentation topic to overall conference theme
  • Examples: health literacy, computer literacy, K-12 tutoring, adult ed, social justice, civic engagement, access, learner-centered
  • Please provide a brief list of ideas to make your presentation interactive, such as having participants ask questions, chat, or respond to a poll during your presentation.
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