Every year, SCALE hosts the Read.Write.Act. (RWA) Virtual Conference, an online convention that connects college students, program administrators, higher education faculty, and non-profit professionals from around the country with content specialists, community-based literacy organizations, and other leaders in literacy who are committed to creating a more just society by engaging young people in literacy education. The Read.Write.Act. Conference recently completed its 25th year! While originally the conference took place in Chapel Hill, NC, it has since become virtual to be able to better include literacy advocates, like you, across the country and the globe.


SCALE is seeking proposals with a 1-hour webinar format. We are accepting proposals through the summer. Please submit your proposal using the form below by July 31, 2019

Read. Write. Act. Virtual Conference 2019 - Presentation Proposal Submissions

Please complete the form below to submit your presentation proposal. Prior to submission, print/save a copy for your records. The theme for this year's conference is 'Civic Engagement, Literacy, and Leadership'. As our country approaches another presidential election in 2020 and grows increasingly politically polarized, we will focus our 2019 conference on civic engagement. Critical literacy is vital to an engaged and informed populace. This is particularly important for marginalized communities whose voices are often overlooked and where disenfranchisement still remains an issue. We look forward to hearing the ways your programs, projects, and organizations are using literacy learning to support civic engagement. As always, we welcome proposals that consider literacy beyond just reading and writing. Priority Deadline: July 31, 2019
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  • Example: @readwriteact
  • example: Scale UNC
  • Please limit to 150 words per presenter
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  • Relate presentation topic to overall conference theme
  • Examples: health literacy, computer literacy, K-12 tutoring, adult ed, social justice, civic engagement, access, learner-centered
  • Please provide a brief list of ideas to make your presentation interactive, such as having participants ask questions, chat, or respond to a poll during your presentation.
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