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About Enrich ELL

Enrich ELL is a UNC student-run English tutoring program for non-native adults in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community. As a program, we bring UNC students and English learners together through one-on-one pairings that allow for personalized learning experiences. Our work is important to the immediate community since Chapel Hill-Carrboro is one of the most diverse communities in the region, and we hope to do our part to promote cross cultural understanding alongside English literacy.

In order to fulfill our goals and objectives, we hold year-round classes twice per week for one hour at Carrboro Elementary School. We select our volunteers (known as English Language Facilitators, or ELFs) through  fall and spring semesters and, usually, during the summer break. New adults are always contacting Enrich to seek English practice, so we encourage student volunteers to apply continuously throughout the school year. Prior knowledge of a second language is an application process and hold training sessions for the volunteers throughout the year. In addition to English tutoring, Enrich offers free childcare services during class, and a few volunteers watch the children rather than tutoring English. Volunteers include undergraduate and graduate students at UNC as well as a few community members. An executive committee heads the program with frequent input from volunteers and participants.